Animal Control Shelter Advisory Board

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This Board is comprised of at least one licensed veterinarian, one county or municipal official, one person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter, and one representative from an animal welfare organization. Its purpose is to assist the City in complying with the requirements of the animal shelter, under the State Health and Safety Code, by assisting, in an advisory role, with the development of standards related to animal control fees, personnel training, health and disease control, humane care and treatment of animals and transportation.

Blue Ribbon Facilities Task Force

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The Blue Ribbon Facilities Task Force in in charge of reviewing current and future space and facility needs for the City of Rosenberg, and taking action as necessary.

Building and Standards Board

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This Board, consisting of individuals from the various trades, facilitates building-related appeals, reviews and assists in recommending building standards and license requirements, and hears appeals to decisions of the Building Official or Fire Marshal.

Business Assistance Grant Review Committee

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This committee considers grant requests from projects and businesses in Rosenberg.

Charter Review Committee

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The City Charter Review Committee meets on the third Tuesdays, as needed, in the Council Chamber.

City Council

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The City of Rosenberg’s City Council is the legislative body; its members are the community’s decision makers. Power is centralized in the elected council. It approves the budget and determines the tax rate, and it also focuses on the community’s goals, major projects, and long-term considerations such as community growth, land use development, capital improvements, capital financing and strategic planning, rather than administrative details. City Council hires a professional manager to carry out the administrative responsibilities and supervises the manager’s performance.

The council-manager form of local government combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a council or other governing body, with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager. This plan establishes a representative system where power is concentrated in the elected council as a whole and where the council hires a professionally trained manager to oversee the delivery of public services.

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

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This committee in in charge of the City of Rosenberg Comprehensive Plan. The Plan considers Rosenberg’s growth, development and redevelopment objectives. The plan will guide the future decisions of City leadership regarding the types, patterns, and directions of growth; the scope and direction of transportation and other infrastructure network expenditures; and the enhancement of community design and character.

Employee Benefits Committee

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The purpose of the Employee Benefits Committee is to provide information to Council in an advisory role regarding the City’s health, life and other insurance related benefits for its employees. Meetings are held as necessary in the Council Office.

Employee Benefits Trust

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This trust serves the purpose of providing City officers, employees, and qualified retirees and their dependents, with life, dental, disability, sickness, accident, and other health benefits, either directly or through the purchase of insurance, and to perform operations in furtherance thereof.

Finance / Audit Committee

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This committee’s major functions are to provide city financial information to the Council; to interview, select and recommend city auditors; and to review the annual and interim financial reports to be provided to the Council. They also review and recommend financial policies for the city. The City Council established a budget review committee in the Council meeting minutes dated October 4, 1988.

Firefighters’ Pension Board

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The purpose of the Firefighters’ Pension Board is to oversee and review the Volunteer Firefighter pension contributions and fund. Meetings are held quarterly or as needed. The board members are elected every January and serve a two-year staggered term.

Image Committee

The Image Committee cancelled the April 17, 2017 meeting and rescheduled for April 24, 2017.

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The Image Committee’s purpose is to develop and implement a beautification and cleanup plan of action to improve Rosenberg’s image in order to help attract economic development and new residents; to promote a cleaner city through projects, education, and alteration of attitudes; and to work with other city committees to improve the image of the community. The Image Committee was originally called the “Clean Up” Committee, and later the “Rosenberg Clean Up/Image” Committee. The Image Committee awards monthly renovation and landscaping awards to Rosenberg residents.

Main Street Committee

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The Main Street Committee is dedicated to the renovation and revitalization of downtown.

Parks and Recreation Board

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This Board promulgates the rules and regulations of the efficient development, maintenance, and public and private use of the park facilities. It also promotes and stimulates public interest in park and recreation programs for providing enjoyable recreational experiences. The Parks and Recreation Board was established by Ordinance 84-30 on February 12, 1985.

Planning Commission

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The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council concerning proposed changes in land use, and reviews developments through the platting process. The work of this Commission is designed to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the community. The Commission reviews subdivision plats, development proposals and other development-related requests and makes recommendations to City Council related to planning and development matters in accord with the provisions of the Texas Local Government Code.

The City of Rosenberg Planning Commission meets regularly on the third Wednesday of the month in the City Hall Council Chamber located at 2110 4th Street. The Planning Commission consists of six members who are appointed for two year terms by the City Council.

Planning Commission meetings are open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend. Planning Commission meetings are listed on the main webpage Calendar.

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Professional Services / Engineering Project Review Committee

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The purpose of this committee is to review the proposals from qualified engineering or professional service firms and recommend to City Council which firm should be utilized for a project. The Professional Services/Engineering Project Review Committee was established by Council on June 17, 2003.

Records Management Committee

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The purpose of the Records Management Committee is to assist the Records Management Officer (RMO) to develop policies and procedures. If needed, the committee reviews the performance of the programs and proposes changes. Members also review and approve record control schedules submitted by the RMO and give final approval of record destruction in accordance with approved schedules. This committee actively promotes the Records Management Program throughout the City, as set out by Ordinance 1990-79.

Rental Property Appeals Board

The Rental Property Appeals Board’s role is to hear cases as needed regarding the denial of a rental registration permit, or the work required by the Rental Property Inspector.

Richmond-Rosenberg Local Government Corporation (RRLGC)

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The RRLGC’s role is to aid, assist and act on behalf of the Cities of Rosenberg and Richmond in acquiring, constructing, leasing, improving, enlarging, extending, repairing, maintaining and operating a regional water utility system in order to help meet benchmarks in the Groundwater Reduction Plan; and to aid, assist and act on behalf of Rosenberg and Richmond in accomplishing a governmental purpose of Richmond and Rosenberg in the provision of water for public use.

Rosenberg Development Corporation (RDC)

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The Corporation is organized exclusively for the purposes of benefiting and accomplishing public purposes of, and to act on behalf of, the City, by promoting, assisting and enhancing economic and industrial development activities and may issue bonds, and expend the proceeds of any sales and use tax levied for the benefit of the Corporation for the promotion and development of commercial, industrial and manufacturing enterprises to promote and encourage employment and the public welfare, and to promote or develop new or expanded business enterprises, including public facilities. The RDC oversees the expenditure of sales tax collected for economic development purposes in accordance with State law. Established through public referendum in 1995, the RDC is allocated one-half cent of the City’s sales tax proceeds to invest in projects that promote or develop new or expanding business, create jobs, and/or improve the quality of life in the community.

Special Events Committee

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The Rosenberg Special Events Committee was established June 19, 2012 and serves in an advisory capacity, making recommendations to staff and City Council as required for the successful planning and execution of the City’s two (2) major annual special events – Family 4th and Christmas in Rosenberg – an other events as deemed necessary by City Council.

Water/Wastewater Impact Fee Task Force

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This Special Action Committee reviews and updates the City’s water and wastewater impact fees and makes recommendations to City Council. Meetings are held the third Monday of May and November of each year at 6:00 p.m. at the RCC.

West Fort Bend Management District (WFBMD)

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The WFBMD seeks to establish an economic climate that encourages sustainable growth and improves citizen quality of life by enhancing major highway and street corridors in and around the Cities of Rosenberg and Richmond. The WFBMD has representatives from both the City of Rosenberg and City of Richmond.

To apply for an opening on a Board, Committee, or Commission, please fill out the form below and email to the City Secretary’s Office.

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