April 27, 2018 



ROSENBERG, TEXAS (April 26, 2018): Rosenberg Development Corporation (RDC) board members voted in favor of Resolution No. RDC-119, a resolution authorizing the purchase of property located at 2810 1st street, at a special meeting held on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

The purchase of the building, estimated in the amount of $900,000, would utilize office space for the RDC.

“We would like to remind folks that the RDC does not use any property tax monies, so projects that we work on have zero negative impact on our residents’ homes or property values,” RDC Chairman, Chris Martin said. “In fact, as we grow the City, we do just the opposite—we make their properties more valuable.”

The City, with its undeniably rapid growth, contracted a consulting firm in 2015 to create a facilities Master Plan which ultimately demonstrated that nearly every City facility was being utilized at maximum capacity. The recommendation was that the RDC double the space it currently occupies by 2019.

“This facility will give the RDC a professional venue to work out of, which is also inviting to the public,” Economic Development Director Bret Gardella said. “Since we’re also handling the marketing and tourism for the City, we want a building that puts a great face on the City for residents and visitors alike.”

The RDC pointed out that growing the City with quality development is an important part of maintaining and improving upon the Communities’ quality of life.

“We feel this is a great investment opportunity for the City. The RDC office was moved into its temporary location at the Civic Center over three years ago and it is challenging to conduct confidential meetings in this open environment,” Chris Martin said, noting that the RDC attracts national developers, site selectors, and business owners who expect that kind of professionalism and confidentiality. “The investment becomes even more important when you consider that the RDC also handles the tourism and marketing efforts for the City. This office space will be an inviting, attractive location for our visitors to come and get information on the great things our City has to offer.” —End.