Racial Profiling

Discrimination in any form, including racial profiling, is strictly prohibited and the department will take immediate and appropriate action to investigate allegations of discrimination.

The Rosenberg Police Department has an established a policy, General Order 2.2 – Biased Based Profiling, concerning the prohibition of profiling as set out in state and federal laws concerning racial profiling and discriminatory practices in general. This policy applies to employees of the Rosenberg Police Department – both classified and non-classified.

What is Racial Profiling?

Racial profiling is any law enforcement-initiated action based on an individual’s race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than on the individual’s behavior or information identifying the individual as having engaged in criminal activity.

Examples of racial profiling include but are not limited to the following:

  • Initiating a traffic stop on a particular vehicle because of the race, ethnicity, or national origin of the driver of a vehicle;
  • Stopping or detaining the driver of a vehicle based on the determination that a person of that race, ethnicity, or national origin is unlikely to own or possess that specific make or model of vehicle;
  • Stopping or detaining an individual based on the determination that a person of that race, ethnicity, or national origin does not belong in a specific part of town or a specific place.

Data Reporting

Personnel designated by the Chief of Police will compile and place into a report format all incidents concerning racial profiling. The Chief of Police shall disseminate this data as required by statute. Persons interested in viewing the Rosenberg Police Department Racial Profiling Report should contact the City Secretary’s office at (832) 595-3340.


The department shall accept complaints from any person who believes he or she has been stopped, searched, or inappropriately ticketed or arrested based on racial profiling. No person shall be discouraged, intimidated, or coerced from filing such a complaint, or discriminated against because he or she filed such complaint. Employees and supervisors shall report any racial profiling practice they observe.

For further information on how to file a complaint, please see the Rosenberg Police Department Internal Affairs page.


All complaints are forwarded to the Lieutenant of Professional Standards. If you have any questions, reach out to us by phone at (832) 595-3700, or for your convenience, you may email your question to: