Public Services

Utilities, Public Works & Capital Projects

Public Services is responsible for maintaining City owned infrastructure including the:

  • Streets, alleys, and drainage systems, and related signage
  • Water plants and lift stations
  • Water, wastewater, and recycled water systems

These tasks are accomplished in conjunction with the City Engineer and Planning Department through the Utilities and Public Works departments, and also through Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs).

Utilities - Water, Wastewater & Reclaimed Water

The Utilities Department provides vital public services through water treatment, distribution and system maintenance, wastewater collection and treatment, and reuse water distribution within the city limits. Utilities is responsible for the daily operation of all water plants, lift stations, and wastewater treatment plants as well as making timely repairs to City infrastructure. Staff is responsible for the daily operations of the systems and for ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations for public drinking water and wastewater systems. For utility registration assistance, or questions about services, please call 832-595-3400.

Public Works - Streets & Drainage

Street maintenance, drainage, and storm water management are handled by the Public Works Department. Public Works is responsible for maintaining the City's bridges, streets and alleys, drainage ditches and storm sewer inlets, tree trimming on public rights-of-way, maintaining street and traffic signage, and street striping in the rights-of-way. Streets/Drainage regularly inspects streets, alleys, and drainage ditches for required maintenance and schedules repairs as weather permits.

Capital Improvement Projects

The City of Rosenberg continually strives to improve the quality of life for our citizens by improving existing components of our community and anticipating future growth and needs. The Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) taken on by the City are prioritized by City Council based on needs and funding.

Development Plans and City Infrastructure

All details for plan review and permitting for City infrastructure construction may be found on the City Infrastructure Page. Applications, checklists, and the City's design standards may all be found by visiting the Planning Department pages.

Simple Recycling Program

In addition to your regular Wednesday pick-up, Simple Recycling offers curb-side recycling pick up each week.

Requesting Service / Reporting a Problem Area or Concern

Public Services is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the citizens of Rosenberg. Although regular maintenance activities are scheduled as weather permits, we also rely on input from the community regarding specific areas that may need attention. If you note a traffic light outage, pothole, low area, standing water in ditches, damaged or missing street signs, etc, please let us know by contacting Citizen Relations. For after-hours emergency service requests, please contact the Rosenberg Police Department 832-595-3700.

New Residents

Rates and applications for water / sewer service and garbage / recycling may be found on the Customer Service page. Please visit the Citizen Relations page for information on garbage and recycling services and collection.