Start / Cancel Utility Services

Initiating Water Service

Welcome! We're glad you have chosen Rosenberg applications for new service, residential, commercial and 90 day temporary application may be completed online or in person.

Disclosure of Information - If you would like to make your address, telephone number, and any information relating to the volume or units of water usage or the amounts billed, public information, please submit this form.  If you would like to add an authorized user to your account please use this form.

Once the online form has been submitted, new customers can complete the process by emailing the required documents or uploading them during the application process. Once your application has been reviewed by one of our customer service representatives, one of our representatives will contact you to make a deposit/connection fee payment using a Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card. You can also initiate water service in the Customer Service/Utility Billing Department, located in the City Hall (2110 4th Street).

Utility service applications will be processed the next business day. For same business day service activation, applications, documents, and deposits must be received by 4:30 pm. A service initiation fee of $20 will also be charged for same-day service. Applications, documents, and deposits received after 4:30 pm will be activated the next business day.

When Connections Can Be Made

New service connections can only be accommodated on weekdays. The City is unable to initiate service on weekends or holidays.


The following documents/requirements must be met/received to activate services:

  1. Completed Application - A completed application, either online or paper must be received.
  2. One form of identification must be a valid Texas driver’s license or a photo ID card issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
    • Two forms of ID will be required if the applicant(s) cannot provide an ID issued by Texas Department of Public Safety.
  3. Deposit as set by City Ordinance - The initial deposit for an owner or renter is $150. Applicants 65 years or older will only have to pay $80 deposit.

For your convenience, you can email Customer Service the required documents. Please note, services will not be activated until all required documentation is received along with the application and deposit/connection fee.

Canceling Water Service

To cancel your water services, please fill out the online form.