What is a General Obligation Bond?

General obligation bonds are debt instruments issued by states and city governments to finance large capital improvements. Bonds are sold to investors and the proceeds from the sales of these bonds are used to pay for major capital investments that have a public purpose—such as the emergency services and public services projects. Bond elections provide voters the opportunity to have a say in which projects they are willing to support by voting on bond propositions to authorize funding for each project on the ballot.

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1. Why a bond election?
2. What is a General Obligation Bond?
3. What is a bond and why do I have to vote on it?
4. How many propositions will there be?
5. When was the last time there were General Obligation Bonds on the ballot and what kinds of bond-financed projects has Rosenberg completed in the past?
6. What will happen if the bonds do not pass?
7. Does the City Council support the bond election?
8. Who do I contact for more information?