What to do if you have received a citation

Plan ahead

Make arrangements to attend court on your specific court date.

Address: 2110 4th Street, Rosenberg Texas, 77471

What to bring:

  • Driver’s License or ID
  • Current insurance
  • Insurance information from the time when the ticket was received
  • Other: Call ahead to make sure you have everything you need

What to wear (yeah, it matters)

Courtroom etiquette

  • Wear clothing that would be appropriate for business.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Turn off electronic devices and cell phones before entering the courtroom.
  • Be polite to the judge, opposing counsel, and court staff.
  • Rise when the judge and jury enter and leave the courtroom.
  • Stand when speaking to the judge, making or meeting an objection, or questioning a witness.
  • Do not interrupt others while they are talking.
  • Refer to the judge as “Your Honor.”
  • Direct all concerns and remarks to the bench and not opposing counsel.

So, you missed your court date

Your appearance date appears on the Citation you were given.

If you do not appear in Court on or before the appearance date, a charge of Failure to Appear will be filed and a Failure to Appear Warrant for your arrest will be issued without notice to you. There is no “grace period” after the appearance date shown on the Citation.

If you are not able to appear in Court on or before the appearance date shown on the Citation, the Court routinely grants one reset of up to thirty days.



Failure to obtain from the Court a signed written reset order may result in the reset being denied. For good cause shown, resets for longer than thirty (30) days or subsequent resets may be granted by the Judge; however, you must appear before the appearance date in person before the Judge during a regular Court session to request the reset. If you fail to appear on or before the date and time set in a reset order, a charge of Failure to Appear will immediately be filed and a Failure to Appear Warrant for your arrest will be issued without notice to you.

Late Payments:

Payments are considered late if postmarked after the scheduled due date (Appear by Date).

We urge you to contact the Court if you are unable to pay the amount owed without undue hardship to yourself or your dependents. You may request a hearing before a Judge to consider your ability o pay and request any non-monetary compliance options available to you. You should be prepared to explain and document your financial situation to the Court.

Additional Information:

For regular court sessions, please plan to arrive well before the beginning of the session. When you arrive, you will be checked in by the Court personnel. If you plan to plead “Guilty” or “No Contest” for a single moving traffic offense and pay the fine and costs immediately or within thirty (30) days or are eligible and plan to request Deferred Disposition or the Driving Safety Course, you will see the Clerk. If you are planning to plead “not guilty,” you will see the Prosecutor. If you have multiple offenses, no insurance, or no drivers license, you will see the Judge.

All cases are called on a first-come-first-served basis. At the appropriate time, you will be called to the window, the prosecutor’s office, or the Courtroom. If due to a heavy volume the Judge is not able to see a defendant during the regular court session, the defendant will be rescheduled to an overflow docket.

Because of the delays caused by the heavy caseload, it is strongly suggested that you do not bring small children to Court. If you must bring small children to Court, you are expected to see that they remain quiet and well behaved. If children cannot remain quiet and well behaved, you will be asked to leave the courtroom with your children and your case will be placed at the end of the docket or rescheduled to another day.