Citizen Police Academy Sign-Up


02/11/19 UPDATE: 

THE APPLICATION WINDOW FOR 2019 CITIZEN POLICE ACADEMY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you so much for your interest. Please follow us on Facebook or check back frequently for the next registration period.

Understanding Through Education The Citizen Police Academy was established in 1991. The Citizen Police Academy is a ten-week training program (followed by graduation) designed to give the public a working knowledge of the Rosenberg Police Department. Each session consists of a two hour class on Tuesday night, beginning at 7:00 pm and ending at 9:00 pm. The instruction is comprehensive and each week separate areas of the department are covered. Narcotics, K9, Patrol Procedures, Internal Affairs, S.W.A.T., Forensics, Recruiting and meeting the Chief are examples of some of the topics that are covered. Instruction consists of lectures, demonstrations, tours, and riding with a police officer on a ten-hour shift. The slogan of the Citizen Police Academy is “Understanding through Education”. The goal is to educate the public about the Rosenberg Police Department and to increase the rapport between citizens and police officers. We hope the graduates of the Citizen Police Academy become more aware and better informed about how the Police Department operates, and will encourage friends, coworkers and families to join the Rosenberg Police Department in this rewarding program.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of conducting the Citizen Police Academy?
To give the public information on how the Police Department works and its policies and procedures, through a series of classes involving instruction by police officers.

Where did the concept originate?
The program originated in Orlando, Florida, in 1984. Orlando was the first city in the United States to start a Citizen Police Academy.

What was the Rosenberg Police Department’s incentive for starting the Citizen Police Academy?
We feel the more information the public has about the police department, less fears and misconceptions will exist.

Where does the class meet?
Students meet at the Rosenberg Police Department unless otherwise instructed. All classes are free.

Who attends the Citizen Police Academy?
Students range from 18 years of age and above. We have architects, bankers, homemakers, students, retirees, teachers, neighborhood groups and professionals attending the classes.

How do you apply?
You must be at least 18 years old and be willing to travel to the Rosenberg Police Department. Complete the Citizen Police Academy application and drop it to the address below. If you have any questions or need more information, call Sgt. Michael Bradley, 832.309.1161.

What would disqualify me from being accepted into the Citizens Police Academy?
These disqualifiers have been adopted in an effort to standardize the admission requirements for the Citizen Police Academy. The following list of disqualifiers have been recommended and adopted as disqualifiers for the Rosenberg Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy:

  • Having a conviction for, being under indictment for, or currently charged with any felony offense.
  • Having been convicted for a class B or class A Misdemeanor.
  • Having a conviction or history of Family Violence.
  • Any other indications of criminal history or criminal involvement will be evaluated on a case by case basis* (*Must be approved by a Lieutenant or above. )
  • Cadet can be disqualified if more than two training classes are missed during the eleven-week program

When are the classes?
The classes are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

How do I get you my application?
You may fill out the above form, email, or drop off your application. If you want to email your application, please send them to the following email:
mbradley@rosenbergtx.gov. A signature is required.