Vision Statement

To be a benchmark for municipal finance excellence in which other municipalities and governmental organizations measure success.

Mission Statement

The Rosenberg Finance Department is committed to serving our community with financial expertise by promoting accountability, professionalism and transparency while providing all stakeholders with reliable, timely and accurate financial information.

The City of Rosenberg earned the Transparency Stars Award in the area of Traditional Finances!

Please visit the City’s Financial Transparency Page for information designed to help open our books to the public; provide clear, consistent pictures of the City’s spending; and to share information in a user friendly format, including adopted budget and comprehensive annual financial report archives, along with many other sources of information.

The Finance Department is under the leadership of Joyce Vasut, Assistant City Manager/Director of Finance, and is comprised of four core functions:


The accounting division is responsible for central processing of all financial related data and information for the City. These activities include accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivable, purchasing, investments, and general ledger maintenance. This department is also responsible for the preparation of the annual budget, comprehensive annual financial report, five-year capital improvements program budget, and other interim financial reports.

Customer Service

Customer Service is responsible for the billing and collection of water, wastewater, solid waste, sales taxes on solid waste, liquor licenses, hotel occupancy taxes, health permits, building permits, and other miscellaneous charges for services provided by the City.


The primary function of the Purchasing Division is to help you get the goods/services you need in a timely manner and to make sure you have the necessary materials, supplies and equipment to perform your duties, at the most economical price.

Purchasing procedures can be complex because of various rules and regulations imposed by State laws and City of Rosenberg policies.

Tax Assessing and Collecting

This function is consolidated with Fort Bend County, and the City’s Finance Department works with the County to calculate the effective tax rate. The Finance Department also works with the City’s delinquent tax firm to collect delinquent taxes.

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Joyce Vasut, CPA

Assistant City Manager/Director of Finance
Phone: 832-595-3350
E-mail: jvasut@rosenbergtx.gov

Luis Garza, CGFO210252016-87-edit
Finance Manager
Phone: 832-595-3350
E-mail: lgarza@rosenbergtx.gov