Dog Tags

If you reside in the City of Rosenberg and you have a dog and/or cat over the age of 4 months, your animal must wear a city tag.

Sec. 4-46. Annual license tag required; fee.

(a) Every owner of a dog or cat must obtain a tag for each dog or cat by presenting to the city a certificate showing that each dog or cat so owned has been vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian with antirabies vaccine within one (1) year prior to the date of the issuance of the dog or cat tag.

(b) Prior to the issuance of the dog or cat tag, each owner of a dog or cat shall pay to the city an annual dog or cat license fee which shall be two dollars ($2.00).

City of Rosenberg animal registration tags cost $2.00 and are issued and renewed annually the same date the rabies vaccination expires every year. Tags may be purchased at Rosenberg Animal Control or at City Hall – Customer Service.