Economic Development

Economic Development Department

The focus of the Economic Development Department is to assist businesses and industry in locating and expanding to Rosenberg.  The Department collaborates with local businesses, government officials, business-based non-profit agencies and educational institutions to create and maintain an effective business environment based on the needs and demands of the particular industries and entities involved and those they serve.  The Department provides staff support to the Rosenberg Development Corporation.

Rosenberg Development Corporation

Rosenberg Development Corporation Website

The Rosenberg Development Corporation (RDC) was created by-election in 1995. It is a Type-B economic development corporation funded by a one-half cent sales tax. State law authorizes the RDC to engage in projects related to primary job creation. Primary jobs are jobs that infuse new dollars into the local economy by creating or selling a product or service that is ultimately exported to regional, state, national or international markets. The RDC is comprised of a seven-director board. Four of the members, including all officers, are appointed by the Rosenberg City Council, and the remaining three members are City Councilors.

More information about the RDC can be found on the Rosenberg Development Corporation Website.


Jeremy Heath

Economic Development Director
Phone: 832-595-3339
E-mail: jheath@rosenbergtx.gov


Jackie Wehring


Assistant Director of Economic Development
Phone: 832-595-3341
E-mail: jwehring@rosenbergtx.gov


Renée LeLaurin

Sr. Administrative Specialist

Phone: 832-595-3336
E-mail: rlelaurin@rosenbergtx.gov