Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions we receive from applicants. If you have additional questions, please contact a recruiter at 832-595-3800.


Q: Do I have to be a United States Citizen?

A: Yes, you must be a United States Citizen.

 Q: What is the age limit?

A:  There is no age limit to apply, as long as you can successfully pass the physical fitness assessment.

 Q:  How can I submit an application?

A:  Please click the “Available Positions” tab. Select the position you want to apply for and create an account. You will then be directed to the online application process.

 Q: How long does the hiring process usually take?

A: It can vary anywhere from 2 to 5 months.

Q: Are you accepting lateral transfers?

A: Yes. Please see our “Laterals” page to see if you qualify as a lateral applicant.

Q: If I have a background investigation done with another agency, or have a top secret clearance in the military, will RPD still do a background check?

A: Yes, RPD’s Recruitment Unit will conduct its own thorough background investigation on everyone who makes it to the background process of the hiring process.

Q: How can I go on a ride along?

A: If you are a potential applicant, contact our Recruiting Unit to request approval for a ride along.

Q: Do I have to cover my tattoos when working?

A: Personnel may exhibit visible tattoos, body art, or branding that is approved by the Chief of Police. However, any tattoos, body art, and branding on the head, face, neck and hands are prohibited.

Q: Can I have a mustache or beard?

A: Yes. Mustaches shall be neatly trimmed at all times. Facial hair may be worn and must be neatly trimmed and well groomed. The length of facial hair must be kept trimmed to ½ inch or less.

Q: Will I have to purchase my own gear or will the department provide it?

A: You will need to purchase your own firearm and shoes. The department will provide you with uniforms, ballistic vest, gun belt and accessories.

Q: Do the 40 college hours need to be in a specified area of study?

A: No. The hours can be in any area of study. They need to be from a TCOLE recognized accredited college or university.

Q: I do not have 40 hours of college or 4 years of active military or 2 years of prior police experience. Can I still apply with the Rosenberg Police Department?

A: Yes you can still apply as a Probationary Police Officer.

Q: Will the Rosenberg Police Department (RPD) send me to a Police academy?

A: At this time, RPD does not send any applicants to the police academy. There are several academies located in the Fort Bend County and Houston area where you can receive you State Peace Officer Certification.

Q: Can I apply for a job if I am still in the Police academy?

A: You may apply for employment while still enrolled in a police academy however you are not eligible for hiring until you complete the academy and are a licensed Texas Peace Officer.

Q: Will a Citizen’s Police Academy give me the proper certification to apply as a Police Officer?

A: No. A Citizen’s Police Academy (CPA) is typically used as a way to allow the public to get a view of the inner workings of a police department. You do not receive any type of State Certification to be a Peace Officer in a CPA. You should make sure the academy you attend will end with a state peace officer certification if you are wanting to apply to be a Police Officer.

Q: Where do most applicants get dropped in the process?

A: Lying, omitting or minimizing facts is where most applicants get dropped. Usually, the act in and of itself would not disqualify the applicant, but because an integrity violation occurs, the applicant is disqualified.


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