Police Officer

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The Rosenberg Police Department takes pride in hiring and training the most elite Police Officers. Candidates must possess an unquestionable public service character. We are looking for problem solving individuals of unquestionable integrity, individuals who want challenges not complacency, and those who have the ability to lead and the wisdom to follow.

A Police Officer performs a wide variety of duties for the prevention of crimes, traffic control, and enforcement of state and local regulations. Officers also issue citations, participate in and conduct a variety of criminal investigations, makes arrests, provides support and assistance to special crime prevention and law enforcement programs to ensure the safety and security of City streets, buildings, residences, and neighborhoods.



  • Applicant must be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Applicant must have 40 hours of College from a TCOLE recognized accredited college or 4 years active full time military experience or 2 years prior full time police officer experience*.
  • Applicant must be a licensed Texas Peace Officer or be currently enrolled in a basic police officer academy. Applicant will not be eligible for hiring until academy is complete, and applicant is a licensed Texas Peace Officer.
  • Applicant must have a valid Texas Driver’s License.
  • Applicant may apply for employment if the applicant is currently enrolled in the Basic Police Officer Academy. Applicant will not be eligible for hiring until the academy is successfully completed and applicant is a licensed Texas Peace Officer.
  • Applicant must be able to work in the U.S. on an unrestricted basis.
  • Applicant must have no felony or domestic violence convictions, no convictions for Class “A” misdemeanor or higher offenses.
  • Applicant must not have any DWI, DUI, or Class “B” misdemeanor convictions within the last ten years.
  • Applicants must pass a basic reading and writing skills exam, a fitness assessment, a firearms qualification, polygraph exam and an Oral Review Board.

* Applicants who do not have 40 hours of College, 4 years active full time military experience or 2 years prior full time police officer experience may apply as a Probationary Police Officer.


Hiring Process

The following are the steps required in the hiring process for the position of police officer. All applicants must meet the minimum requirements and pass each step in the hiring process before advancing onto the next step.

  • Applicant must complete online application during an open hiring process.  All information shall be completed online in full and submitted online.
  • Applicant must complete and submit Personal History Statement* and personal documents with the online application. All information shall be completed online in full and submitted online.
  • Applicant must complete and pass physical agility testing with minimum overall average of 40%, including a blood pressure check.
    • Blood pressure testing. Applicant’s blood pressure must be under 150/90 mmHG, or applicant will not be able to test without written consent from medical doctor. Three attempts are allowed. Blood pressure testing is not included in the 40% for the PT testing.
    • Vertical jump (40% is 16.5 inch vertical jump)
    • Maximum number of sit-ups in one minute (40% is 31 sit-ups)
    • 300 meter sprint (40% is 64.5 seconds)
    • Maximum number of push-ups in one minute (40% is 29 push-ups)
    • 1.5 mile run (40% is 15:20 minutes)
  • Applicant must attend and pass oral review board.
  • Applicant must pass polygraph exam.
  • Applicant must pass background investigation.
  • Applicant must pass written testing (Basic reading, writing, and math).
  • Applicant must pass psychological exam.
  • Applicant must pass physical examination and drug screen.

* The Personal History Statement is required documentation by the State of Texas and the Rosenberg Police Department. If you would like to review and or begin completing the Personal History Statement, please click HERE. The Personal History Statement must be completed and submitted with the online application. Applications with incomplete Personal History Statements will be disqualified. A resume will not be accepted in place of a Personal History Statement.


Training and Education

New officers train for 4 months in the Field Training Program where they will ride and train with a Field Training Officer and be trained in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Patrol Procedures
  • Officer Safety
  • Report Writing
  • Equipment Use
  • City Ordinances
  • Proper Use Of Force
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Proper Application of the Law


Out of State Police Applicants

For out of state police applicants, we encourage you to visit the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement website for more information on how to obtain a Texas Certification. Before you are hired, you must be a licensed Texas Peace Officer.