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What We Have to Offer

The Rosenberg Police Department offers a wide variety of advancement opportunities through various divisions and specialized units including:


  • Patrol Division

    • K-9 Unit
    • Traffic Investigation Unit
    • S.W.A.T.
    • Field Training Officer
    • Bicycle Unit
    • Honor Guard
    • Warrant Unit
    • Detention Unit
    • Crime Prevention Unit
    • Training
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Unit
  • Criminal Investigations Division

    • Highway Interdiction
    • Crime Scene Investigator
    • Narcotics Investigations (Fort Bend Narcotics Task Force)
    • Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force ( Houston Metro ICAC)
    • Crime Analyst
    • Victim Assistance
  • Community Relations Division

  • School Resource Division

  • Public Safety Communications Division


Continued Training

The Rosenberg Police Department is also one of the highest trained agencies in the area. Our Officers receive up to 200 hours of in-house training a year. All department personnel work on Wednesdays which is a designated training day for police personnel (alternating weeks). In this training we provide a variety of topics ranging from areas including:

  • High Stress Driving
  • Firearms Training
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Police Ethics
  • Use of Force
  • Officer Survival
  • Penal Code
  • Search and Seizure Law
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Intermediate Weapons
  • Code of Criminal Procedures

Off site police training for topics not covered by this weekly training are also available.