The Rosenberg Police Department offers a large array of opportunity through multiple divisions and assignments.

The largest division at the Rosenberg Police Department is the Patrol division. Inside the division there are 40 officers, including K9 officers, traffic units, field training officers, accident investigators and detention officers. The division is led by one Patrol lieutenant and 6 Patrol Sergeants.

The Rosenberg Patrol Division has a patrol fleet of more than 30 vehicles, including “ghosted” units. Each unit is outfitted with the latest technology including MDT’s, audio and video recording devices, back-up cameras, and rifle racks.

Patrol officers are issued uniforms, duty rigs, patrol rifles, iPods, ticket writers, and a $600.00 yearly allowance for additional uniforms and equipment.

Patrol Officers that reside with in the extraterritorial jurisdiction are provided a taken home patrol vehicle.

The Rosenberg Police Department is also one of the highest trained agencies in the area. Officers are given up to 200 hours of in house training per year.


The Rosenberg Police Department has officers assigned to the West Fort Bend County Regional SWAT Team. Officers with this assignment are responsible for handling high threat search warrants, barricaded subjects, and hostage rescue situations. Each team member is provided specialized weapons, ballistic gear, and extensive amounts of additional training.