2016 Citizen Survey Results Now Available!

The City of Rosenberg worked with the National Research Center to conduct a statistically valid Citizen Survey. A random sampling of citizens were asked to weigh in on their perception of the quality of life in Rosenberg and rate their satisfaction with City services.

The results will be used to evaluate areas for improvement, set priorities for the City, and identify challenges.

  • 1,400 residents were surveyed at random.
  • 198 residents completed the surveys
  • The margin of error was 7%, which was right on target for our population.

Thank you to everyone who took our survey either by mail or online. Your participation is a vital part in how the City of Rosenberg will prioritize goals and tackle challenges in the coming years. For questions, contact the communications department at (832) 595-3526.

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Citizen Survey results broken down by demographic

Citizen Survey results broken down by geographic location

Citizen Survey results compared to other cities

Citizen Survey results: non-scientific web results