Community Park Renamed in Honor of Tony Becerra

City Council voted in favor of renaming Community Park in honor of local POW veteran, Tony Becerra on September 15, 2015. The park, located at 2000 Avenue A in Rosenberg is currently updating signage and park communications to reflect the designation of Tony Becerra Park in celebration of Becerra’s service to both the United States and the city of Rosenberg. A lifetime resident, he has been a community leader since his return from WWII, serving on City Council from 1992-2005, as a political precinct judge, and a local business owner.

Born Antonio G. Becerra on September 3, 1925, he functioned in many roles as a businessman in Rosenberg. Becerra worked as a barber, insurance salesman, notary public, bail bondsman, and dancehall owner. He organized community events and supported the efforts to register voters. In 2013, Becerra was honored by the City of Rosenberg for his service as a war veteran and his lifelong commitment as a community leader.

“We don’t honor people the way we ought to,” City Councilor Jimmie J. Peña said. “Mr. Becerra has always contributed to the welfare of the community. We need leaders and we’ve found leaders. Mr. Becerra was a leader.”

The park, formerly called simply “Community Park,” was designated the Tony Becerra park on September 15 by a vote at City Council. Residents can visit the five acre park to enjoy picnic tables and grills, a playground, and covered basketball court. For information about this and other park amenities, contact the City of Rosenberg Parks and Recreation Department at: (832) 595-3520.