Rail Safety During Flood

As the greater Houston area continues to deal with the impacts from this weekend’s historic flooding, Union Pacific Railroad urges safety around the railroad tracks that run through the region. Union Pacific reminds residents that vehicles and pedestrians should only cross the tracks at designated crossings and that walking on or along the tracks, and climbing on bridge structures is extremely dangerous and illegal.

During these times of high waters, many may be tempted to use railroad tracks as higher ground for foot traffic, or climb bridges for sightseeing or recreational purposes. This can be extremely unsafe. Aside from the dangers of on-coming trains, tracks and bridges are not designed for foot traffic and present the risk of slips, trips and falls. Additionally, citations and fines can be issued for trespassing on private property.

Union Pacific encourages the public to contact them with any reports of unsafe behavior along the railroad tracks, or if they see any potential track damage. Calls can be made to 1-888-877-7267.