Rosenberg Celebrates Municipal Court Week

The City of Rosenberg and the Rosenberg Municipal Court are celebrating “Municipal Court Week” November 3 – 7, 2014. Rosenberg Municipal Court has been part of the City for more than 30 years, and serves as the justice center for the enforcement of local ordinances and fine-only state offenses that protect the peace and dignity of the community. Municipal Judges and Court personnel pledge to be ever mindful of their impartiality and neutrality, and continually strive to improve the administration of justice through participation in judicial education programs.

“I am proud of our Court’s progress with technology to assist in providing excellent customer service and convenient ways for customers, defendants, and citizens to conduct daily business within the City of Rosenberg,” said Court Administrator Angelia Hayes. “The Court staff is well trained and knowledgeable of State laws, policies, and procedures.”

The Rosenberg Municipal Court staff currently consists of a Presiding Judge, an Associate Judge, four weekend Associate Judges, a Prosecutor, Court Administrator, Senior Clerk, Court Clerk/Juvenile Case Manager, and Bailiff/Warrant Officer. Each clerk is certified with the Texas Municipal Court Education Center in Austin, Texas, and attends continuing education seminars annually with the Center. Court staff are also active members of the Texas Court Clerk Association.

cild-seat-installationPictured (left to right) are: Deputy Gerard Argao (Fort Bend County Sherriff’s Office) and Sgt. John Johnson (Rosenberg PD) instruct a driver on proper installation of a child safety seat.

court-staffPictured (left to right) are: Court staff gather for a photo including: Philip Burch, Bailiff/Warrant Officer; Lora Lenzsch, Municipal Prosecutor; Jim Baker, Presiding Judge; Janie Martinez, Court Clerk; Carolyn Krancher, Associate Municipal Judge; and Angelia Hayes, Municipal Court Administrator; Not pictured: Lucilo Jimenez, Sr. Court Clerk.

judge-consults-defendantPictured (left to right) are: Associate Judge Krancher consults with a court defendant.