Rosenberg Closely Monitoring Rising Brazos River

Rosenberg officials issued a voluntary evacuation the afternoon of Thursday, May 28, for areas identified as potential-impact in the City limits as a precautionary measure this afternoon in response to rising waters in and around the Brazos River. Public safety officers canvassed the areas identified as most threatened by the possibility of flooding to alert residents to take precautions in order to safeguard themselves and their property against the possibility of flood or mandatory evacuation.

The City of Rosenberg is actively monitoring river levels, and implementing plans as the situation warrants. Residents are urged to stay aware of the situation and follow local media coverage.

Recent heavy rains have brought the water levels up to 48 feet at Richmond as of 6:15 a.m. Friday, May 29. According to a Fort Bend County Emergency Management Office (FBCOEM) press release, “Anyone who lives works, plays or travels in Fort Bend County should be aware of the dangerous and developing situation on the Brazos River… At 48 feet the River enters ‘minor’ flood stage, at 49 feet it becomes ‘moderate,’ and at 50 feet, it becomes ‘major’.”

Rosenberg has established an informational page related to the potential event, and encourages residents to monitor this site, as well as the Fort Bend County OEM site for continuing information on this event.

Residents are reminded to never enter areas underwater, whether barricaded or not, and to heed caution when around flood waters. In addition to resources available through the FBCOEM site, general flood preparation resources are available at http://www.ready.gov/floods, where it is suggested that individuals concerned about flooding take safety measures, including:

  • Securing your home or property by moving important items to higher ground and bringing in outdoor furniture or belongings
  • Creating an emergency kit with essential supplies
  • Remaining especially aware of areas that are prone to flooding and high water levels
  • Not walking or driving in flooded or flooding areas