Rosenberg Detective Suni Erazo Travels to China as Part of International Professional Police Exchange Program

police-exchangeSam Houston State University’s College of Criminal Justice and the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas in conjunction with Zhejiang Police College will be hosting the 5th Annual Professional Police Exchange visit to China from March 17 through 26, 2016.

The visit to China provides an opportunity for Texas law enforcement to be exposed to international perspectives on policing, comparative criminal justice philosophies, dialogue on universal crime trends and emerging issues as well as unique regional and cultural differences in policing. Detective Suni Erazo is one of five Texas Police officials chosen to represent Texas Law Enforcement and the United States as ambassadors of best practices and concepts in crime prevention, deterrence, leadership and education. Zhejiang Police College in the city of Hangzhou will host the delegates.

Will Yvette Shorten, Program Lead at the College of Criminal Justice at SHSU, will be heading the delegation. Officers from Texas A&M University in San Antonio Police, Alvin Police and Houston Police were also selected for the visit.

The Exchange Program is part of a broader relationship between the institutions. The summer of 2011 marked the beginning of a new dual degree program between the College of Criminal Justice and Zhejiang Police College. The program allows students from the Zhejiang Police College to earn degrees from both ZPC and Sam Houston State University (SHSU) after completing the required courses from each institution. The Cadets spend their junior year at Sam Houston State University. During their time at SHSU, the cadets participate in a five-day internship with local law enforcement agencies. Rosenberg Police Department was recently selected as a host agency, along with Houston Police Department and Alvin Police Department. Rosenberg Police Department hosted nine Cadets in January 2015. During the five-day internship, the Cadets lived with a host family from the department and spent time riding with officers on various shifts. This gives the Cadets an opportunity to experience American Culture first-hand and observe our typical home lives.

The selection process the Cadets go through is highly competitive, with approximately 5,000 applicants applying to Zhejiang Police College each year. Of those 5,000, only about 1,000 Cadets are selected to attend. Of those 1,000, an elite group of 28 Cadets are ultimately selected to participate in the Dual Degree Program.