Rosenberg Officials Lift Mandatory Evacuation Order

Effective immediately, Rosenberg officials have lifted the mandatory evacuation order that has been in place since Friday evening for areas of the City south of the Brazos River along Avenue A and 6th Street. Citing weather forecasts and data regarding the Brazos River’s projected crest and return to non-flood conditions, City emergency management officials decided to allow residents back into their homes beginning this afternoon. Officials will continue closely monitoring the river and weather forecasts, and public safety officers will remain in the area until 5 a.m. Monday morning to assist.

Even though residents are being allowed back into their homes, officials caution that this not an “all clear.” The river was at 49.53 feet at 1:15 p.m. according to the USGS Richmond monitoring station. The Weather Service predicts it will take another three to four days for the Brazos to drop back below flood stage. Many portions of the area are still experiencing floodwaters, and several City parks and roads in and around the flooded area remained closed until further notice. The intersection of Avenue B and 6th Street also remains closed at this time due to high water.

“We are grateful for the orderly manner in which our citizens responded to the evacuation order, and the support that has been shown across the community during this event,” said Mayor Vincent M. Morales, Jr. “We encourage everyone to remain vigilant, to be cautious around flood and standing water, and to continue checking for updates until the Brazos subsides to ‘normal’ conditions.”

Officials are cautioning people to remain alert around flood waters and debris for dangerous animals and fire ants as they seek higher ground. Flood currents are dangerously strong, and individuals are warned against “sightseeing” along the river and flooded areas. Additionally, motorists slowing down and stopping on bridges to take pictures create dangerous traffic situations, not just for other motorists and bystanders, but for first responders.