Rosenberg Police Department Employees Earn Willie D. McQueen, Jr. Award

The City of Rosenberg proudly recognized two members of the Police Department – Patrol Sergeant, Billy Hammack and Traffic Investigator, Tim Kraus – at the November 03, 2015 City Council Meeting for their hard work and dedication as advisers of the Police Explorers.


Left to Right: Police Chief Dallis Warren; Sgt. Billy Hammack; Inv. Tim Kraus; Councilor Lisa Wallingford; Mayor Cynthia A. McConathy; Lt. Wayne Jory

Advising the local Police Explorers group since 2008, Sgt. Hammack and Inv. Kraus have sacrificed family and personal time in order to mentor and develop the young people of Rosenberg. Their dedication, teamwork, motivation, leadership, and partnerships with the community embody the values of the City’s culture and have made the group an incredible success.

Hammack and Kraus work with Police Explorers #2120 each week to teach them discipline, leadership and quick-thinking. Under their guidance, the Explorers learn to handle domestic disputes, traffic stops, and clear buildings. The group has won numerous competitions in Texas and in July, 2015 hosted an Explorers’ competition in Rosenberg, for the first time. Hammack and Kraus spear-headed the initiative, planning and networking with the community from February, 2015 until the competition in July. They secured sponsors and donations and built a program on a foundation of creativity and excellence entitled “Battle on the Brazos.” The program was a huge success and a great win for all of Rosenberg.

The Explorers program is designed to assist members in developing specific skills such as team building, character development, and leadership. It offers the opportunity to get involved with community volunteer efforts and to learn unique career experiences. Anyone age 14-21 who has completed the eighth grade may apply. For more information, on becoming a Police Explorer, call (832) 595-3789