SAMCO Leak Detection and GPS Mapping of Water System Set to Begin

The City of Rosenberg has hired SAMCO Leak Detection Services, Inc., a Leak Detection/GPS Services Company to conduct a Leak Detection Survey and perform GPS Services that will aid in the creation of electronic mapping of the water and wastewater system. SAMCO will begin work on June 13th in the downtown vicinity. Citizens should be aware that SAMCO employees will be wearing safety vests and driving clearly trucks identified as belonging to SAMCO.

Employees of SAMCO will be utilizing sophisticated equipment to listen on water meters, valves, fire hydrants, and on the ground surface to determine if an underground water leak is present. The electronic leak detection equipment receives and processes unique leakage sounds (water escaping the pipe).

Benefits of Leak Detection and Repair include:

  • Conservation of valuable water resources
  • Cost-Savings through reduction of treated water that is lost to leaks
  • Reduced property damage from decreased water main breaks
  • Reduced risk of the leak process contaminating the water system

In addition to Leak Detection, SAMCO employees will also be using GPS devices to accurately identify locations of the leaks that will be transferred to the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS); i.e., hardware and software used for electronic mapping of water and wastewater systems.

In Fiscal Year 2016, the City approved the Leak Detection/GPS Services contract with SAMCO, with the goal of completing an evaluation of the City’s entire water system over the next four years. Subsequently, the City of Rosenberg continues to be a leader in utilizing technology to solve problems, enhance water use efficiency, and maintain cost-effectiveness for its residents.