Emergency Management

Get in the Know!

The City of Rosenberg is implementing BlackBoard Connect. This is a mass-notification tool that will allow us to send targeted messages,  allowing us to get information to you quickly in the event of an emergency. BlackBoard easily connects to your favorite device using a wide range of channels such as phone, email, SMS, social media, and more.  Now you can easily get updated about important City information.

Customize Your BlackBoard Connect

BlackBoard Connect allows the City to send customized alerts to members of our community. We encourage everyone to sign up for emergency notifications, but Blackboard Connect offers other opportunities to stay in touch with the City as well. You can customize your interface to choose what messages you wish to receive, from traffic updates to information about our parks. The experience is totally up to you.

Case Study: Flooding in Lincoln, Massachuesetts


What’s Up With the Brazos?

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