Residential Rental Property Inspection

The City of Rosenberg Code of Ordinances, Chapter 6, Article 19, requires that all residential rental properties within the City be registered.  The owner of each rental unit within the city, acquired after November 17, 2015, shall make application for registration within sixty (60) days after acquiring ownership of such rental unit.

Residential rental properties must be registered with the Rosenberg Fire Marshal’s Office located at 4336 Hwy 36 S. The necessary documents for property registration may accessed below, or picked up at the office.

Residential rental properties not registered within sixty (60) days after acquiring ownership may be subject to additional administrative and inspection fees as specified in the City’s Code.

For further information or questions about the City’s Residential Rental Inspection Program, please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 832-595-3600 or email fire@rosenbergtx.gov.