Capital Improvement Projects

The City of Rosenberg continually strives to improve the quality of life for our citizens by improving existing components of our community and anticipating future growth and needs. The Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) taken on by the City are prioritized by City Council based on needs and funding.


 Project NameDescriptionProject Type 

Airport Avenue Extension to 1-69 (RDC)General/Streets and Drainage Projects
Avenue F Downtown Parking Lot Phase Two (RDC)General/Streets and Drainage Projects
Bamore Road Extension from I-69 to Stella Road (County Mobility)General/Streets and Drainage Projects
Benton Road Expansion from FM 762 to City Limits near Reading Road (County Mobility)General/Streets and Drainage Projects
Dry Creek Drainage ImprovementsGeneral/Streets and Drainage Projects
Klosterhoff Road (Spur 10) Reconstruction (RDC)General/Streets and Drainage Projects

Isolated Rustic Wooden Railroad Crossing Sign In The USA

Railroad Quiet ZonesGeneral/Streets and Drainage Projects
Sidewalks - New Construction (RDC)General/Streets and Drainage Projects
Spacek Road Improvements - Phase Three (County Mobility)General/Streets and Drainage Projects
Traffic Signal at Reading Road and Town Center BoulevardGeneral/Streets and Drainage Projects
Ward Street (Avenue N to Avenue K) Drainage and Paving ImprovementsGeneral/Streets and Drainage Projects
Automatic Transfer Switch and Backup Generator as WWTP # 1A (CDBG-DR Project)
Water and Wastewater Projects
1-69 Corridor Water and Sanitary Sewer Extensions (Dollar Tree & OCuSOFT to Bamore)
Water and Wastewater Projects
1-69 Water line Extension - Loop dead ends at Dry Creek with 12" line, Bryan Road & Graeber RoadWater and Wastewater Projects
Lift Station 9 & 1O-Elevations of Electric Equipment (CDBG-DR Project)Water and Wastewater Projects
North Side Water & Sanitary Sewer Improvements -First-Time Connections on Candler Rd. (CDBG)
Water and Wastewater Projects
North Side Water Line Improvements, CDBG, Phase 7
Water and Wastewater Projects
Reclaimed Water Distribution System - Phase II (Seabourne Creek Park to Bryan Road & Business Park)
Water and Wastewater Projects
Spacek Road Sanitary Sewer Improvements from Biotics to Reading Road
Water and Wastewater Projects
Upgrade Water Distribution System Lines- (Mulcahy Street from Avenue I to Avenue M}
Water and Wastewater Projects
Wastewater Treatment Plant 1A Collection Line Rehabilitation -Phase FourWater and Wastewater Projects
FM 2218 from 1-69 to State Hwy 36
TxDOT Projects
State Highway 36 from 1-69 to FM 2218
TxDOT Projects
FM 723 from Avenue D to Baker RoadTxDOT Projects


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Melissa Peña
Director of Capital Projects