RDC Boosts Economic Growth

Economic Development Measured Growth / Balanced Success

The Rosenberg Development Corporation Board and I are frequently asked about what we do for our city and how we operate, so I wanted to take a moment to share with you the importance of economic development to the City of Rosenberg.

Economic development is a critical piece of the economic engine that is our Economy. Leading the charge of economic development for the City of Rosenberg is the RDC. Through the efforts of the RDC and its Staff, Rosenberg is promoted to many industry partners ranging from retail developers to industry and small business partners that wish to call Rosenberg home. Through these partnerships the RDC helps promote stable jobs at desirable wages and an overall improvement to the quality of life in our great City. Below are some specific ways in which the Rosenberg Development Corporation helps our City continue growing at a balanced and profitable pace.

Business Retention and Expansion

The RDC works every day to promote and grow our existing businesses in order to keep them local and contributing to local jobs and tax revenues. These revenues help support our many efforts on improving the quality of life within our City as well as help keep property taxes at record level lows.

Job Creation

The RDC works every day to provide support for existing businesses and new prospective industry partners with critical information necessary to be successful and profitable here in Rosenberg. By attracting new businesses to our City, we add more good paying jobs and better opportunities for our residents at an improved quality of life. Additionally, we support entrepreneurship and our local small businesses by offering knowledge, training and in some cases small grants for these growing enterprises.

Industry Diversification

The RDC continues to seek out diverse industry partners to offer a balanced mix of businesses that will call Rosenberg home. By being balanced, we can mitigate the negative effects of the ever-changing business cycle and sustain the tax support needed through specific industry downturns that may affect a specific sector.


The RDC is also the marketing and tourism arm for the City. We work with other departments and City management to develop new ways to attract people to our City and promote our many amenities and attractions.


Lastly, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the RDC does all of the above without using any of your tax dollars. The RDC was established through a public referendum more than 20 years ago with the commitment of a one half cent of the sales tax revenues generated in the City. We do not use property taxes on any of our projects.

In summary, the Rosenberg Development Corporation seeks to promote Rosenberg as THE PLACE to build and operate successful businesses that in turn create good paying jobs for our community, add more tax revenue to our City’s coffers, which helps keep our property taxes low and helps add much needed infrastructure to sustain and improve our quality of life. We hope you, as residents and business owners in our community, will help us to continue to promote and grow our great City.

Chris Martin, chairman
Rosenberg Development Corporation