Rumor vs Fact: Animal Control Edition

Rumor vs. Fact is like the Snopes of City Government. There’s a lot of information out there, we’ll help you keep it all straight!

CLAIM: Rosenberg Animal Control is not accepting volunteers.

FALSE! Shelter volunteers are vital to the operations of Rosenberg’s Animal Control. We’d love to work with you! All volunteers must apply and adhere to rules and mandates set by the City and the State of Texas. More info.

CLAIM: You shouldn’t adopt a pitbull because they are vicious and mean.

FALSE! Mean and vicious is NOT a characteristic of this breed. They may have a bad reputation, but that’s a very not cool rumor… probably started by cats. Any dog, cat, or person has the potential to be kind of a jerk, but most of them are pretty awesome. This is a quote from www.realpitbull.com:

“This breed is known to keep its guardians laughing. They are silly, almost  to the point of being ridiculous. Flailing around upside down on their backs, laying with their heads draped off the side of the couch, engaging in rambunctious sprints around the living room (we call ‘em “pit fits”), these dogs are always clowning around. They are active and energetic; too much dog for some to handle, just the right amount for others.”

You should always talk to one of our adoption specialists before choosing a pet. We can answer all your questions!

CLAIM: Rosenberg Animal Shelter get pets from within City limits and you’ll want to adopt them all.

GUILTY! We get pets from our City limits and every single one of them is special and looking for a fur-ever home! The toughest decision is who will be your next fur-ever pal.