Street Sweeping

Working together, we can keep our streets, drainage system, and water supply clean! Street sweeping is intended to prolong the life of the City’s street and drainage infrastructure by removing dirt, sand, and other contaminants from the roadway, and by extension, the City’s storm drainage system. Although improved aesthetics and cleanliness can be added outcomes of sweeping, it is not intended to remove all fallen leaves in the streets. Rosenberg began an expanded street sweeping program in December 2013.

Residents and businesses are reminded that it is a violation of City ordinance to sweep or blow leaves into the roadways, and that yard waste is collected weekly on Mondays, through the City’s solid waste contract.

What residents should know about street sweeping:

  • Most curb and gutter streets are swept a minimum of once monthly – known as the “base” list.
  • For certain residential areas identified as potential high-leaf areas, the City provides an extra sweep per month during the months of November through February – known as the “alternate” list. The maps below reflect the routine routes along with the alternative routes that have high-leaf areas.
  • The efficacy of street sweeping is limited by the general condition of the roadway, and other obstacles such as low limbs, parked cars, trash cans, etc. Sweepers cannot sweep around vehicles parked along the roadway. Residents are encouraged to remove vehicles parked along the street, so that the sweeper may complete as efficient and effective a route as possible.

The maps below reflect the routine routes along with the alternative routes that have high-leaf areas.

For the purpose of scheduling and resident awareness, the City has been divided into 4 areas which will be swept on a particular week of each month throughout the year. For the purpose of street sweeping, the weeks are counted beginning with the first FULL week of each month. The weekly zones are included in the maps linked below.

Base Sweeping Map (Swept year round)

Base Street Sweeping List (Swept year round)


Alt. Sweeping Map (Extra sweeping Nov. – Feb.)

Street List by Week (November  February)


Questions regarding the City of Rosenberg’s street sweeping program may be directed to Citizen Relations at (832) 595-3301.