Subsidence Planning

Did you know that the Fort Bend Subsidence District requires our community to convert thirty-percent (30%) of groundwater usage to an alternate source by 2016, and sixty-percent (60%) to an alternate source by 2025?

Rosenberg and Richmond are working cooperatively to develop a regional water supply solution that complies with the mandate, and that will protect public health and our economy. Due to our region’s significant growth rate, we must develop a water supply solution that will satisfy the subsidence district mandate; secure a reliable, affordable, long-term water supply for our community; and that will support the region’s water planning effort.

As we continue the extensive and deliberative process of reviewing our water supply options, we recognize that our efforts are part of a larger, regional water system strategy designed to sustain the region’s rate of growth and support the region’s ongoing economic development efforts. We are focused on the following priorities as we review options:

  • Adopt a water supply strategy that will serve our communities
  • Minimize the impact to local water rate payers/tax payers
  • Satisfy the Fort Bend Subsidence District mandate
  • Support the region’s ongoing growth
  • Contribute to the stability of the region’s water supply
  • Support the economic development opportunities that accompany our region’s rate of growth

Contact the City Manager’s Office at (832) 595-3310 for more information.

Reports and Presentations