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Weekly Pick-up and Recycling:

Mondays of each week – “Green Waste”

  • Pickup of lawn cuttings and tree/bush trimmings.
  • Tree and bush trimmings cut to 4 ft. length and less than 3 in. diameter, weighing less than 50 lbs., stacked (bundled and tied) for collection.
  • Green waste must not be mixed with household trash or other items.

Tuesdays of each week – “Bulky Item”

  • Pickup of heavier or larger items that do not fit in the trash container.
  • Construction material will NOT be serviced. 
  • “Overflow” or extra household trash is not considered “bulky item” trash & WILL NOT be picked up on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays of each week – “Solid Waste (blue lid) and Recycling (green lid)”.

  • Carts should be at the curb before 7:00 a.m., with the front of the cart facing the street
  • Allow 3 feet of distance between the carts and any other objects such as mailboxes, vehicles, fences, etc., to facilitate automated pickup.
  • To avoid a missed pickup please ensure no vehicles are parked near the carts.

Please note:  Per City regulations, customers may not place carts in the street right-of-way for collection prior to 12:00 p.m. (noon) the day before collection.  Carts must be placed out no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection.  Emptied carts must be removed from the street right-of-way no later than 8:00 a.m. on the morning following collection.